Dog Breed Spotlight – The Cockapoo

January 03, 2020
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Dog Breed spotlight – The Cockapoo

At Bed and Bone home dog boarding service we love and care for all sorts of different breeds of dogs and thought it would be great fun to highlight various popular and rare breed dogs and crossbreeds for people to read about.

As we have seen such a surge in popularity of this particular type of dog in Hastings & St Leonards and having walked and cared for as a professional dog walker and home dog boarder for so many over the years in London and Hastings we thought that our first “Dog Breed Spotlight” blog post would be about the Cockapoo!

The Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel (American/English/Working) and a Poodle (mini/standard/giant). As a result of this mating with the Poodle they generally do not shed much hair or dander thus making them popular with people who have allergies. The Cockapoo can be a high energy dog that requires regular walks and gentle stimulation with a particular fondness to swim and retrieve !

Even though the Cockapoo does not shed much hair, they have a fast growing coat which requires frequent and regular brushing, grooming and trimming. The Cockapoo is a loving, fun and active dog beloved by many and in our opinion can make an excellent family pet.

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