5 reasons why you should use a dog walker.

January 03, 2020
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It is essential that a dog has enough exercise to keep him or her happy and healthy. Walking keeps your dogs heart strong as well as a trim waist line, stimulating the mind as well as body.


It is so important to socialise your dog or puppy at an early age. A professional dog walker will understand that a caring positive approach is needed. First experiences should enrich a puppy’s life and give them positive associations with other dogs and people.


Just because a person goes to work it does not mean they can not own a dog providing they use a dog walker or doggy day care service to help care for their beloved pet. People that work from home still use a dog walking service or daycare service  because they love their dog to have routine, to mix with other dogs giving them complete peace of mind. We love being greeted by owners at the door with a big smile on their face whilst Fluffy is wiggling their butt desperate to tell mum or dad what they have been up to!


Regular exercise will keep your dog calm and relaxed potentially helping your dog to avoid being destructive and unhappy at home. A good professional dog walking service will bring your dog home relaxed and happy!

Back up care

Think about it- a deadline at work has to be met, the train is late or you need to go out during the day to get chores done but Fido is at home waiting for you and god forbid he is alone for too long and hungry! Back up plans are essential in all walks of life, having a plan B for your dogs continued care being one of them. Having a reliable and trustworthy professional dog walker or licensed doggy daycare  or licensed dog boarding service , helping you to care for your dog should you not be able to will give you incredible peace of mind allowing you to have a productive work day and life. Happy dog-happy dog owner !

Need a dog walker for your pup?

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